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Voluntary Agreement Ct

The second type of voluntary agreement is for a “specific distinction” or “perpetuation premium.” If a violation results in a permanent loss of functioning of a part of the body covered by the Workers` Compensation Act, this second type of agreement is used. The difference is that this voluntary agreement lists the part of the body and the number of weeks allocated – for example, it can list a 5 percent loss of the back, or a 100 percent loss of the hand, or a loss of 35 percent of the heart. (b) prior to the termination or reduction of the payment due to the total or partial incapacity to work under such an agreement, the employer or insurer of the employer informs the employer or insurer of the employer, where it is alleged by or on behalf of the aggrieved worker that the worker`s incapacity to work persists, the agent and the worker by certified mail of the suspension or the proposed reduction of these payments. This notice indicates the reason for the proposed cancellation or reduction, as well as the date on which the deletion or reduction proposal begins. Abandonment or mitigation is not effective unless the Commissioner has expressly authorized it in writing. The worker may, no later than a fortnight after receiving such a dismissal, request the proposed hiring or reduction. Any request for a hearing is a priority over requests for hearings on other issues. The Commissioner does not authorize this classification or a reduction until the application period for a hearing or the closing of a hearing has expired, depending on the later date. If the delegate finds that an employer has suspended or reduced payments made under this section without the Commissioner`s consent, that employer is required to pay the worker the full amount of all payments paid or the total amount of those reduced payments, and is required to pay the worker interest of a quarter of a cent per month or per month. , to all payments thus paid, or to the total amount of these reduced payments, plus reasonable legal fees incurred by the worker in connection with this termination or reduction. (a) when an employer and an aggrieved worker or, in the event of a lethal violation, the legal representative or salaried worker obtain a compensation agreement on a date that occurs at the earliest after the expiry of the waiting period, this agreement is submitted in writing by the employer to the delegate by the employer, with a statement on the date, place and nature of the injury on which it is based; If the Commissioner finds that such an agreement is fully in line with the provisions of this chapter, the Commissioner approves it.

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