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5 Cfr Service Agreements – TECNOEDUCATIVOS


5 Cfr Service Agreements

(iii) in relocation situations, the worker accepts the Agency`s offer to transfer the office, establishment, activity or organization with its office, establishment, activity or organization, and it is therefore likely that the worker will no longer leave another position in the federal service; or (i) the basis of the Agency`s designation is based on a particular need for staff (or a group of people) who require the member to retain on the basis of the Agency`s mission needs and the skills of the officer (or group of workers) during a period prior to the closure or relocation of the office (or group of staff) of (or) s) of (s) employee (s). , activity or organization; (h) the service contract must indicate the conditions under which the Agency may be required to pay an incentive payment attributable to some or all of the worker`s unpaid benefit for workers covered by sections 575.511 or 575.512. 3. An agency may delay the start of the service agreement until the end of a first formal training of the worker if the maintenance of employment in that position depends on the success of the formal training. The Agency must make the decision to pay an incentive to relocate before the worker takes office, as stipulated in Article 575.208, paragraph a) (3). However, the service contract must stipulate that if a worker does not pass the training before the start of the service, the Agency is not required to pay the worker a portion of the relocation incentive. (ii) to what extent the departure of the worker to another federal service position would impair the Agency`s ability to carry out an activity, perform a function or carry out a project that the Agency considers essential to its task before and during the closure or relocation period (for example, the need for the Agency. B to retain its employee to ensure minimal disruption to the performance of critical functions). , continuity of key operations or minimal interruption of public service before and during closure or relocation; Training new staff members who are moving with the organization to the new geographic location; Assistance with the actual closure or relocation of the office, establishment, activity or organization; or perform similar necessary mission functions before or during closure or relocation; (c) the service agreement provides for the total amount of the incentive, the method of payment of the incentive, and the date and amount of each incentive payment in accordance with Article 11.

575.209.c) 1. An authorized officer may require opM to waive the restriction in point b) (1) of this section for a staff member or group of workers based on critical agency needs. The delegated official must recognize that the skills required for the position or positions are essential to the success of a major agency mission, project or initiative (for example). B programs or projects related to a national emergency or the implementation of a new legislative or critical management initiative).

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